Anki Overdrive Fans

Anki Overdrive is an amazing game with toy cars that can be connected to smartphones; but not only that. These cars can break free from the virtual world and become basic playing toy cards in which all the kids can enjoy. This amazing game is an improved version of the previous entry in this game series that works the similar way, with the help of app-controlled toy cars driving around on a completely modular track which allows the races to take numerous curves and straights by making different track designs.

In the starter kit, you get two cars, a charging dock for up to 4 cars, as well as the track pieces – 10 of them, with 6 of them being curved and 4 of them straight. These track piece can be connected together with their magnetic connections and are fully flexible. You can use them to make any type of track you wish, which makes every playtime with this game feel like playing a completely new game. The cars are interesting, because they have a small camera underneath them, allowing them to stay on track all the time.

The Cars

This game is a bit different to all the similar ones because of the fact that the player does not have complete and full control over the movement of their cars. The cars follow the track automatically, and the player only needs to break and accelerate; the players don’t have to turn the wheel of the cars. Also, the players have the duty of controlling the weapons of the cars, and using them to stop the rival’s cars. These cars are being controlled by player’s smartphones (iPads, iPhones and Android devices), through an app.

The cars that don’t follow the tracks frequently run off it, and the player loses time while trying to get them manually back to it. There is no problem here with that. However, the bad side of that is the fact that the players might sometimes feel that they’re not in full control of what’s going on in the game. But, the younger players seem to like it.

The Track

As we have already mentioned, there is no one fixed track on which the cars run; you can use the track pieces to build any kind of track you want, and if that’s not enough for you, you can even expand the starter kit with new track pieces. They’re usually being sold in a pack, and they cost around $20. These tracks can be both straight, or curved pairs. You can even get plastic raisers, which cost around $30. They all come with instructions which are rather easy to follow.

There are some other add-ons that users can buy, like four-way junctions (around $30). You can even buy extra cars, but each of them costs around $50, which is a bit expensive for an average user.

How to Control the Cars

We’ve mentioned that the cars are being controlled by an app, which you can download straight to your smartphone. It does not matter if you’re using an iPhone or an Android, the app works on both. This app controls almost everything; it just does not control the design of the track. The best course of action would be taking a couple of tutorial missions against bots. It will teach you how to do everything and how to properly control the cars. Just follow all the directions, and everything should run just perfectly.

Anki OVERDRIVE Nuke Expansion Car Toy
  Anki OVERDRIVE Guardian Expansion Car Toy
  Anki OVERDRIVE Supertruck X-52 Vehicle
  Anki OVERDRIVE Supertruck Freewheel Vehicle
Anki OVERDRIVE Thermo Expansion Car Toy

The weapons are a great additions, and by levelling up through your missions, you’ll be getting better and better ones. However, there are some down points to this, because, as we have said, you don’t have to control the cars, and so all of it comes down to just smashing the button ever more, rather than trying to be as precise as possible. This is mostly because of the fact that the cars are really fast, and the players just don’t have the time for precision.

There are different game types, but most of the players just love racing around with friends. One of the players has to be the host of the game, while up to 3 other players can join it. The host picks the game they wish to play, and then everyone chooses the car they wish to race. The setting up of a multiplayer game might be a bit tricky at first, but after some time, it gets much easier.

Anki Drive VS Anki Overdrive

Anki Drive was the first of the Anki game series, and when it can out, it was a cutting edge game, and something completely new out there. But now, there’s a new Anki game out there called the Anki Overdrive.

But, it’s not just the hi-tech that makes the new one different to the older one. Of course, it is one of the things that make it great, because the cars are now much responsive. Anki Overdrive is a much more improved version of the Anki Drive, and here are just some of the changes you might expect in Anki Overdrive.

The track is something that has probably experienced the most changes. The track in the Anki Drive was a huge vinyl track that could be rolled out and then played on. There were also some other tracks out there (mostly in the US), but they were extremely limited. Anki Overdrive uses a completely modular track system which is build by connecting the various track pieces together. They come in various shapes, and allow us to make any shape of the track we want. They’re being locked to one another magnetically, and can easily be unlocked. They’re also made of vinyl, but a much more thicker and sturdier version of one.

Game modes are different as well, and this is mostly because of the concept of changing the layout of the track. You can play various games, and not just race around on the track. You get 4 different game mods, and they include races, time trials, battles, and “king of the hill” modes.

The characters are different as well, and they add some personality to Anki Overdrive. Each car has its own abilities and strengths. The starter kit includes Skull and Ground Shock, and besides them you can also buy Thermo, Nuke, Guardian or Big Bang. They all look different and have different strengths and weaknesses.

The app is pretty different as well. it should be noted that you could only use one platform at a time (an Android or an iOS one) in Anki Drive, while in Anki Overdrive, you’ll be able to cross the platforms, and use an Android to play against an opponent who uses an iPhone.

Stunts are a great bonus and the modular system for that. The cars will be able to perform them by jumping over the ramps and using jumps.


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